A well designed logo can help a great product reach its full potential. Intelligent design paired with repetition can make an incredible impact. Like the foundation of a building, a logo is the base for all other messages.

Visual Identity System

The combination of a logo and visual system (i.e. typeface and colours) work together to form a unique and cohesive message. This becomes the Brand Identity for your company and should be used on everything related to your business; business cards, stationery, advertising, website design and company vehicles. This consistency increases awareness in the community.

Business Cards

One of the smallest and most powerful networking tools. The business professional knows the importance of a high-quality, well designed business card. Many times this small piece of paper is the first impression you offer to potential clients, business partners and competitors.


Office stationery plays a vital role in establishing and reinforcing the professional image of a company. A high quality professional design shows that you are serious about your image and work, which  reflects on the services you provide.