Web Ads and Banners

More and more people are using handheld devices to access the internet multiple times a day to check on their social media, get directions, read the news and stay in touch. Online advertising can entice customers to click on your ads to visit your website and aid in building your companies brand recognition.

Website Design

Gone are the days of convincing companies that having a website is a must for business. Your customers demand instant information in the palm of their hand, anytime of the day or night. Having even a simple website containing basic information (services/products offered, location and hours of operation) about your company is an absolute must.

Content that is accurate, attractive and functions well whether it is accessed via computer or handheld device is a must for providing the level of customer service your clients desire.

Domain Registration & Hosting

Registration of a domain name is your address on the internet and must be paid for on an annual basis. (The company owns the domain ONLY for the period of time it is registered). Web hosting is the housing, serving, and maintaining files for Websites on a  server with direct access to the Internet (think of it as virtual real estate). I can set up these items for your website and will provide you with all of the login information once complete.